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The Glenna Harris Guild and RAFT


Glenna Harris is a small guild made up primarily of established amateur weavers.  In addition to appreciating each others efforts, and learning how to improve our own work, we are dedicated to educating the public, particularly youth.  We do presentations, demonstrations, and  lessons in classrooms and exhibit, demonstrate and teach at a number of public events.  One such activity is our spring presentation at RAFT.
Resource Area For Teaching is a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating hands-on learning.  They take surplus donations from local industries and make them available for local teachers to purchase inexpensively, repurpose donations into kits that help teach concepts in the curriculum, as well as provide space for teachers to construct their own materials and attend classes.
Each year several of our members go to the RAFT site to see what they have available, and then put together a variety of activities using those materials. We then teach teachers how to use them on a Saturday in March.  Recently we have taught pouch weaving, Lauhala style bracelets, plate weaving, cd drop spinning, and kumihimo.  We have also demonstrated spinning and weaving, and take reservations for classroom presentations, demonstrations and classes.  
Thanks to our partnership with RAFT, it is a win-win-win situation for teachers, RAFT and Glenna Harris Weavers.