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Winter 2015

As we age, we notice things in our life change. We’re still the same—except now we need to make allowances for aches, pains , and other annoyances. Sometimes we find that magic elixir that makes us feel better.  Sometimes we go through a surgical procedure — the orthopedic surgeons can have lots of practice replacing our hips and knees, scoping our knees and fixing our shoulders.  However, we can’t expect medical or surgical intervention for every ache and pain.  Sometimes we have to be proactive and work on our aches and pains ourselves.

Our equipment, looms and spinning wheels, sometimes age gracefully and function tirelessly for several decades. But, maybe nobody has paid any attention to them for years or, worse yet, the were stored in a cold, damp and drafty basement or barn. They, too, can be brought back to there former glory with some attention and TLC.

Thus we come to the parsimonious weaver/spinner. One doesn’t have to be a weaver for long to realize that new equipment can be very expensive. However, a quick check of Craig’s List and ads in the back of Guild newsletters will offer one a plethora of used equipment at very reasonable prices or even FREE.

This issue is focusing on dealing with used equipment— and related subjects, such as Growing Your Own Jeans and keeping yourself in good enough shape to weave.

Read on and enjoy the retrospective of Lucianne Miller’s life. She has been an inspiration and helper (should read goddess) to several generations of novice weavers and will be sorely missed by her Humboldt Guild friends and all those who knew her.  Thank you Sue, for sharing so much about your mom.

Guild histories keep coming in. If your Guild hasn’t been highlighted, put a member in charge! We would like all Guilds to have their histories published and filed for generations to come. We are part of history!

As a good laugh, check out the submission for the 2016 Conference. Kathleen McPherson went all out with rhyming couplets and her asses.

Enjoy this issue!

Judy Fisher, Editor


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