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Endnote 11/15

This issue has just skimmed the surface on finding, rejuvenating and using more ‘mature’ equipment. Do you have a story about resurrecting a loom or spinning wheel? Tell me about it! I think that we are giving ‘newbies’ hope that they don’t have to mortgage their future to develop their talents as a weaver/ spinner/ fiber artist.

Yes, used equipment have some quirks but, I hate to tell you this, so do new machines. It is more annoying in your new loom/ spinning wheel/ bobbin winder, etc.  With used equipment you work with or around its’ tics or sell it and move on. You also get to try many styles and try different manufacturers’ products.

In the thirty -five years that I have been weaving, I’ve probably had a dozen looms. Right now I have four. Of the dozen, three were bought new and I still have two of them. I wish that I still had one or two of the used looms I sold—I needed the space- but what I have now works well for me.

Now that all the Guilds are up and running, it’s time to tell all of us what wonderful projects your working on and, if you haven’t done it yet, it is time to write your Guild History. I’m trying to get all the Guild Histories published. They will be forever enshrined on the CNCH website and the can be updated as needed.

For upcoming issues, I would like to publish more articles on various aspects of used equipment. I would also like to have your opinions on any new equipment that you have or have tried.

Getting away from the equipment, how about articles on projects, special activities or ruminations on the creative lives that we live?

Let me know what is on your mind and I will let our readership know about it.

Judy Fisher, Editor