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Winter 2016

Where does the year go? It seems like only yesterday I was planning my spring and summer vegetable garden. Unlike the success Luther Burbank had with gardening in the Santa Rosa area, my garden this year was a complete and utter failure. Plantlets came up and the Jack Rabbits, clever fellows that they are, managed to get through the fences and have lovely snacks. I know bunnies aren’t known for their brains but they continued to outsmart me.

With the beginning of the Winter rains, I can now concentrate on what I really like to do, hang out in my studio. So far there has been no bunny invasion there and I can plan and weave and experiment with the colors, yarns, patterns and ideas that have been running through my brain.

We fiber folk have lots to look forward to. All the Guilds are up and running and many have imported interesting speakers for their meetings, some with workshops following.

Have you got your Holiday weaving started? Scarves, placemats, napkins and afghans make great gifts and are sought after items at craft fairs that are part of the season.

This is also a good time to plan excursions to museums and galleries. We’ve highlighted three shows in this issue. I’m sure there are more out there!

This is also a good time to access the CNCH 2017 info on the CNCH website. Registration begins promptly at 9A.M. on Nov 12 and there are limited spaces in each class.

And now—this is a good time to read the rest of CNCHnet.


Judy Fisher, Editor


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