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Braids 2016

Braids 2016 was held at the University of Puget Sound. It was the third International Braid Society Conference. Of the 181 registrants, 14 countries were represented.

Instructors from around the world taught 36 classes over 4 days. All of the classes were held on campus, either in class rooms or conference areas.



The first two days were class days followed by an exploratory day and then two more class days.  Each morning started with a presentation from one of the instructors. We heard presentations on Sprang by Carol James who had reconstructed George Washington’s sash. We had additional presentations on Kumihimo, Roderick Owen on his journey as a braider, and Kim Davis presented bobbin lace.

Yuko Yoshida demonstrating in the classroom

Yuko Yoshida, one of the teachers, demonstrating in the classroom

After dinner on two of the evenings there was a vendors fair offering all things related to braiding. The other two evenings featured presentations on the Royal Danish Collection and Swedish hair braiding.

Samples of Yuko Yosida's braids

Samples of Yuko Yosida’s braids

The week ended with a banquet celebrating a week of learning, meeting new friends and honing our braiding skills.

A highlight of the banquet for me was the beautiful kimonos worn by the Japanese attendees- appropriate since the next conference will be held in Japan in 2019.

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