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Endnote 11/16

Next year, 2017, is still pristine in our minds. We will have a new President for the good old USA, we will all become a year older, and we are planning on finally get started on the project that has been on our minds — all we need is time.

As the editor of CNCHnet, I’ve started thinking about what subjects to pursue for the Spring issue. Right now I’m thinking about color.
This could include searching for dye plants and —the mushrooms will be coming up soon with our winter rains to urge them on.

Do you dye with mushrooms? Tell us how you find mushrooms that will give you colors and what you have to do to bring them out.

How about other dye plants? Does anybody grow indigo? What do you grow in your garden and what do you forage for?

If you would rather not collect plants, what kind of dyes do you use? Which ones are the least trouble to mix and give the colors you like best.

Remember, this publication is meant to be for you and by you. If you have an idea for an article, write it down and send it in. If you need help, let me know. I want hear all of your ideas and get them published.

I hope you have enjoyed this issue of CNCHnet.

Judy Fisher, Editor