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Convergence 2018 Equipment Rentals

Convergence 2018 will be bringing worldwide fiber enthusiasts eager to attend weaving and spinning workshops to visit our area next July.  Since transporting equipment long distances can be difficult, HGA is asking our CNCH guild members to please consider renting a loom or spinning wheel to a fellow weaver or spinner.  Looms likely to be requested include rigid heddle looms, and four to eight shaft portable floor and table looms including one reed appropriate for the workshop.  Rent is based on the length of the workshop; lenders will receive $40 for one day workshops, $75 for two day workshops, and $95 for three day workshops.

Barbara Cabrol of the Sacramento Weavers and Spinners Guild will be facilitating the loom and spinning wheel rentals by coordinating potential lenders with individuals requesting looms and spinning wheels, the renters.
Barbara will connect lenders and renters a few months before Convergence to verify that the offered loom or spinning wheel information coordinates with the workshop requirements. Both lender and renter will be sent the Equipment Rental Agreement to sign and return to Barbara.

The renter will also forward a check made out to the lender to Barbara (unless they are coming from overseas, then payment will be U.S. funds on site) which will be given to the lender at the time the equipment is delivered.

Since workshop schedules vary throughout the week of Friday, July 6, to Thursday, July 12, not all of the equipment will need to be onsite prior to Friday, July 6, so lenders who will be attending or planning a day visit to Convergence may deliver the equipment directly to the Peppermill, or possibly ask a fellow guild member to assist with that delivery.  Otherwise we can assist with other delivery options.

As equipment is delivered it will be checked in, labeled, and stored in a secure room at the Peppermill anytime the equipment is not in use. If a loom needs to be warped before the workshop renters will have access to the loom the day before their workshop in an HGA dedicated warping room.  As each workshop ends, the equipment will again be inspected and returned to the secure room ready for pre-arranged pick up by the lender.

Returned equipment pick up dates will vary between Saturday, July 7, and Thursday, July 12, as individual workshops end. The Complex Weavers Seminars will be overlapping Convergence’s schedule at the Peppermill Tuesday, July 10, through Friday, July 13, which might offer more options for lenders, or fellow guild members, who are either enjoying their own Convergence workshops, or attending Complex Weavers Seminars, to arrange equipment pick up.  Again, we can assist with those equipment pick up arrangements as necessary.

If you would consider helping a like-minded fiber enthusiast enjoy a rewarding Convergence experience by lending a loom or spinning wheel please contact Barbara Cabrol at, (cell: 801-556-8031). You could meet a new friend, and a fellow weaver and/or spinner will thank you.

11/17/17 correction: email for Barbara has changed

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