Andean Gold


Spin Alpaca. Spin 100% alpaca fiber for a smooth, silky, sensuous yarn. Both Huacaya and Suri alpaca will be spun in woolen and worsted styles making fantastic yarns for weaving or knitting. We’ll use the Andean technique for quick and easy plying. A notebook for our samples and handout information is included. Carding and combing we will make alpaca yarns of our dreams.

Experience: Must be able to spin a continuous yarn.

Materials fee: $18

Kaye Collins’s interest in reviving Ancient Arts began with her career as a Homebirth Midwife where for over 20 years she delivered hundreds of healthy babies in several different states. Spinning for over 20 years Kaye has received several awards and certificates including the Handspinning Certificate of Excellence from the Handweavers Guild of America. Along with teaching, Kaye currently has a passion for restoring antique spinning wheels from all over the world. Her workshop is located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado near their geodesic dome cabin that she and her husband built themselves. Kaye’s handspun alpaca knitted poncho with Andean punta edging is featured in the New Handspun Handknit book from Interweave Press. Check out Kaye’s articles in Spin Off Magazine Alpaca that Floats in Summer 1999 , Andean Knitting Winter 2001: Fiber Basics Guanaco and Vicuna in Winter 2008; Angela’s Wedding Shawl in Fall 2008.