Contemporary Knotted Cut Pile: Not Just for Carpets!

(This class if full)

One of the most luxurious fabrics, knotted cut pile is surprisingly simple to weave. Using modest equipment, and readily available tools and materials, learn to weave this ancient and beautiful technique long used to make Oriental cut pile carpets. We will learn the process while weaving a small sample bag, and discuss ways to incorporate this technique into more than just rugs.

Experience: No previous weaving experience necessary, all levels welcome from beginning to experienced weavers

Materials fee: $10

Sara Lamb is a longtime spinner and weaver, focusing most recently on knotted pile technique. She is the author of Woven Treasures, published by Interweave Press in 2009. Her work has been published in Spin off, Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle& Dyepot, and Weaver’s magazines, and included in Homespun Handknit, The All New Homespun Handknit, Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools, and Color Works. Her work has received numerous awards, and has been included in juried exhibitions. She lectures and gives workshops in the US, Canada, Australia, and England. She maintains a working studio in a yurt in her Northern California backyard, with looms, spinning wheels, dyepots and beads. Details at