Vanity Stool Done in Porch Weave


Participants will complete a stool woven in narrow binder cane. Other porch weave patterns will be available. It is 21” by 11.5” by 18” tall. The finish is golden oak.

Experience: All

Materials fee: $90

Thomas Holtkamp taught himself to seat weave over 40 years ago. After retiring from teaching and other jobs, he began teaching his craft 13 years ago. He has taught seat weaving in IN,OH, IL, MI, MO, IA, KY, TN, OK, SC, NC, DE, WI, CA, TX, WV, PA, GA, and VI. He maintains a small seat weaving business in his home. He is married and has one son and two grandchildren, a boy 4 and a girl 12. He is on the Board of Directors and a Founding Member of The Seat Weaver’s Guild, a national organization. He and his wife are both cancer survivors.