Tradition is our friend and a guide to increasing our creative reach! Thousands of years of work from those who have gone before are evident in the handwork that we do today. As we work, we draw from the past, then incorporate innovative ideas from today. This reflects what we have seen and experienced, providing a platform for further creativity. The almost tangible gift from this process is a growth in our skills and in the way we view ourselves and the world around us. We encourage collaboration between spinners, yardage weavers, and other artists who make use of their materials to create a final product.

Tradition/Innovation Gallery

A general gallery of both home décor and wearable items that aren’t being submitted for the fashion show. Home décor includes the functional and the decorative: Towels, rugs, blankets, wall hangings, curtains, napkins, placemats, table covers, etc. Handspun items may be woven, knitted or felted. Wearables can include garments, neckware, other accessories.
Submit a Galleries Entry Form to exhibit in this gallery. Download the Galleries Entry Form  here.

Baskets, Vessels, and Sculpture Gallery

Laura Schickli's baskets win awards at CNCH 2010

A three dimensional shape, made from natural, reclaimed, or unconventional
materials that could carry or hold something, or perhaps a sculptural
creation – a focal point on a wall, table or shelf, in or out of homes. We look
forward to seeing traditional techniques used to create both utilitarian and decorative
Submit a Galleries Entry Form to exhibit in this gallery. Download the Galleries Entry Form here.


Yardage Gallery (new yardage and return of 2010 yardage)


Yardage Exhibit at CNCH2010

Weave a piece of new yardage to be hung in the gallery. You can weave it with an idea of what it will be used to make or decide that later. Dimensions and requirements are on the entry form.

 We are also asking the yardage weavers of 2010 to exhibit the final creations that were made from the yardage displayed at the 2010 conference. CNCH 2010 has provided cash prizes to be awarded to items made from 2010 yardage. This will be part of the Yardage Gallery and may be fashion, upholstery, household items, etc. We look forward to seeing what you have created.

Submit a Yardage Entry Form to exhibit in this gallery. Download the Yardage Gallery Entry Form  here.

Fashion Show Gallery

From the runway to the exhibit hall.  All the wearables which we’ll see in Friday night’s Fashion Show, will be hung in the Fashion Show Gallery.  They’ll be on show Saturday and Sunday so you can enjoy seeing these works up close after admiring them on the stage.

Submit a Fashion Show Entry Form to both enter the Fashion Show and exhibit in this gallery. Download the Fashion Show Entry Form here.

(More about the Fashion Show …).

Teachers Gallery

A showcase of items created by the teachers who are sharing their knowledge
and special skills in our various classes.

Return to Sender Gallery

Return to Sender Batts in 2012 colors - Ready to Spin!

A spinning challenge! “Return to Sender” is an event where spinners create unique and wonderful yarn with fiber especially hand dyed just for the 2012 Conference. The finished yarn is returned to CNCH to be judged (optional) and displayed at the conference. This year we have chosen Blue Faced Leicester and Tussah silk (85/15) dyed with natural dyes in Conference colors by Mary Finley and Roger Salter of Dreamy Goat Design Studio. If you would like to participate, you will receive 2 ounces of fiber and complete guidelines by sending a $9.00 check (payable to CNCH 2012) by March 15, 2012 to Wendy Lacy. Email Wendy at for fiber, forms and directions.

Entrants must mail entry forms and completed skeins in advance, postmarked by 4/30/2012.

Download the Return to Sender Guidelines and Entry Form here.

Return of Return to Sender  Gallery

Now is your chance to show off what you did with the gorgeous yarn you made for the 2010 Return to Sender! Enter your completed items in which your CNCH 2010 yarn is clearly recognizable so we may all enjoy the fruits of your labor. Entries will be displayed at the 2012 Conference. Judging is optional. For an entry exhibit form and guidelines contact Wendy Lacy at

Entrants must mail entry forms in advance, postmarked by 4/15/2012. Completed items must be either 1) delivered in person at conference by Friday (May 18) morning at 9 am, or 2) mailed in advance, postmarked by 4/15/2012,

Download the Return of Return to Sender Guidelines and Entry Form here.


For any of these galleries, it is up to you whether you want your work to be judged.  Just indicate your choice on your entry form.  (More about jurying…)

Penny takes a picture of Judith in front of her jacket at CNCH2010


Photography will be permitted in all galleries by the public for their personal non-commercial use and by CNCH for use in website, reporting, and promotional materials.