The program committee is pleased to announce the following instructors for the 2012 conference.

Jacey Boggs

Jacey Boggs is known for her entertaining and instructive DVD Sit & Spin, for her monthly workshops around the world, and for spinning fantastical textured yarns with a technical hand. She is a contributing editor for Spin Off magazine and is regularly featured as an author. She is on the board of Handwoven magazine. She blogs and podcasts at www.insubordiknit.com, homeschools her three children, knits like a maniac, and eats way too many avocados. Her first book, Spin Art: masting the craft of textured spinning, with Interweave, is due out this fall and she’s writing another one that’s on the way.

Jacey Boggs is teaching:

Soft Core Corespinning: Corespinning with Fiber
(Sat 6-hr.)
Bumps: Thick and Thin, Coils, Supercoils (Sun 6-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is www.insubordiknit.com 

Carin Engen

Carin is an award winning fiber artist and workshop instructor who has been using her experimental, playful nature to explore felting and color seriously since 1992. She maintains a studio in Garberville, California where she produces a line of hand dyed wool fabric and fiber as well as her felt art. She is an enthusiastic teacher who encourages innovation in her students work.

Carin Engen is teaching:

Needlefelted Flowers and Other Embellishments
(Sat am 3-hr.) class is FULL
Lightweight Felted Scarf (Sat pm 3-hr.)
Nuno Felting (Sun 6-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is www.artfullyfelt.blogspot.com

Stephenie Gaustad


Across the US and Canada, Stephenie Gaustad has taught the textile arts of spinning, weaving and dyeing. Her work has appeared on the covers of Handwoven and Spin Off magazines.

Most recently, she has three cotton handspun, handwovens on display at Pueblo Grande Museum, illustrated  Alden Amos’ Big Book of Handspinning and appears in a new video, Cotton Spinning.  

Stephenie Gaustad is teaching:

Beginning Spinning (Sat 6-hr.)
Sprang: The Elastic Fabric (Sun am 3-hr.) class is FULL
Spinning for Weavers (Sun pm 3-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is pweb.jps.net/~gaustad/

Kay Harradine

Kay Harradine has been teaching basketry for more than 25 years.  With degrees in Forestry and Education from the University of Washington, she brings both ethno-botanical knowledge and strong teaching skills to the classroom.  She has taught at basketry conferences, and for guilds across the US and in Canada.

Kay Harradine is teaching:

Cedar Baskets (Sat 6-hr.)
Twined Grass Basket (Sun 6-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is www.nwbasketweavers.org/portfolio/kay/index.html

Sara Lamb

Sara Lamb is a longtime spinner and she is the author of Woven Treasures, published by Interweave Press in 2009. Her work has been published in Spin Off, Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, and Weaver’s magazines, and included in Homespun Handknit, The All new Homespun Handknit, Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools, and Color Works. Her work has received numerous awards and has been included in juried exhibitions. She lectures and gives workshops in the US, Canada, Australia, and England. She maintains a working studio in a yurt in her Northern California back yard, with looms, spinning wheels, dyepots, and beads.

Sara Lamb is teaching:

Silk Spinning (Sat am 3-hr.) class is FULL
Finger Loop Braiding (Sat pm 3-hr.) class is FULL
Inkle Woven Ribbons (Sun 6-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is www.saralamb.com

Daryl Lancaster

Daryl Lancaster has been sewing for more than 45 years and received her BA in Fine Arts in 1977. She began teaching internationally, after selling her handwoven garments in various craft venues for more than 10 years. She was the Contributing Features Editor for six years, for Handwoven Magazine from Interweave Press and wrote the Fashion and Color Forecast Column. 

Daryl Lancaster is teaching:

Solve the Mystery of Fit! (Sat am 3-hr.)
Living on the Edge: Creative Seam and Edge Finishing for Great Looking Garments
(Sat pm 3-hr.)
A Sewer’s Perspective: Instructional Tour of the Juried Fashion Show (Sun am 3-hr.)
Closures (Sun pm 3-hr.)

Her website is www.weaversew.com

Judith MacKenzie

Judith MacKenzie is a nationally known teacher, master weaver, spinner, and fiber artist now living in the State of Washington. Judith teaches as only she can – with depth of knowledge honed by years of practice, scientific and historical knowledge, patience, creative informality, personal perspective, great humor, and hands-on expertise that demystifies any process. Classes with Judith are an experience in learning the story behind every fiber and process. Judith is a regularly featured author in Spin-Off Magazine and she has published a book, Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning. Her second book The Intentional Spinner published in 2009 by Interweave Press became an instant best seller, as did her third book, Popular Wheel Mechanics.

Judith MacKenzie is teaching:

Spinning Cashmere–Fiber from the Elegant Goat (Sat am 3-hr.) class is FULL
Spin a Multi-color Sock Yarn (Sat pm 3-hr.) class is FULL
To Spin a Fine Thread (Sun 6-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is www.purlwise.com/judith_mackenzie_mccuin

Syne Mitchell

Syne Mitchell is the creator of WeaveZine.com and the host of WeaveCast, a podcast for handweavers.  She loves sharing her passion for weaving with others and has taught all over the country.  Her current focuses are creating garments and innovative fabrics with rigid heddle looms, and using eTextile technologies.  

Syne Mitchell is teaching:

Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics (Sat 6-hr.) class is FULL
eTextiles for Knitters and Weavers (Sun 6-hr.)
class is FULL

Her website is www.weavezine.com/weavegeek

John Mullarkey

John Mullarkey has been tablet weaving and spinning for more than 8 years. He has developed software freely available on his website that enables one to easily design tablet weaving patterns. His ongoing mission is to find the perfect tablet weaving loom for this loom-less art.

John Mullarkey is teaching:

Tablet Weaving Basics (Sat 6-hr.)
Two Pack Tablet Weaving (Sun 6-hr.)

His website is www.malarkycrafts.com

Peggy Osterkamp

Peggy Osterkamp, studied at Pacific Basin School of Textile Arts in Berkeley, California, and apprenticed with Jim Ahrens, designer of AVL looms. She has published four books and a DVD about the techniques of weaving. Osterkamp taught weaving classes for many years and workshops across the country. Her special skill is making the richness of her training and experience accessible.

Peggy Osterkamp is teaching:

The Nuts & Bolts & Theory of How Collapse Works
(Sat am 3-hr.) class is FULL
Supplementary Warp Techniques: How to Weave with Extra Warps (Sun am 3-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is http://peggyosterkamp.com

Nancy Roberts

Nancy Roberts is a knitter, spinner and dyer. She recently took up machine knitting with the sole intention of using it as a tool for dyeing yarn with controlled repeats of color, and decidedly not as an alternative to hand knitting final projects. She soon changed her tune as she discovered many new textile possibilities available through the knitting machine. She has not given away her hand knitting needles, however.

Nancy Roberts is teaching:

Dyeing Machine Knitted Silk for Weaving
(Sun pm 3-hr.)

Her website is machineknittingtodyefor.com

Joan Ruane

Joan teaches around the US and in Canada, writes articles and has produced two educational videos called Cotton Spinning Made Easy and Cotton Spinning on the Takli. Joan also sells to fiber shops a top quality cotton sliver that she has especially prepared for hand-spinners which is called “Easy to Spin”.

Joan Ruane is teaching:

Falling in Love with Cotton Spinning (Sat 6-hr.) class is FULL
Color Carding Cotton and Making Punis (Sun am 3-hr.)
Spinning Cotton with the Takli Spindle (Sun pm 3-hr.)

Her website is www.cottonspinning.com

Robyn Spady

Robyn Spady completed HGA’s Certificate of Excellence (COE) in 2004 with the specialized study “Loom-controlled Stitched Double Cloth.” She is committed to turning the weaving world on to double-faced fabrics, four-shaft weaves, uncommon weave structures, and narrow warp weaves through her workshops and programs.

Robyn Spady is teaching:

Weave Structures–Tied Weaves (Sat am 3-hr.)
Passementerie–Tassels (Sat pm 3-hr.)
Weaver-manipulated Lace Weaves (Sun 6-hr.)

Her website is www.spadystudios.com

Jannie Taylor

Jannie Taylor is both a handweaver and educator. She takes great pleasure in designing and producing one-of-a-kind or limited edition garments and home decor items. She teaches to share her extensive weaving knowledge and great enthusiasm with other weavers.

Her philosophy as a teacher is to meet each student at their own level and help them achieve their goals in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. She uses the proven educational techniques of demonstration, guided practice and review to help each student learn and retain as much as possible. Her goal is to provide weavers with the tools they need to turn their ideas into woven reality.

Jannie Taylor is teaching:

Warp Painting on the Loom (Sat 6-hr.) class is FULL
Overshot to Doubleweave: Color & Weave with a Colonial Touch (Sun am 3-hr.) class is FULL
Tips and Tricks with the AVL Warping Wheel (Sun pm 3-hr.) class is FULL

Her website is www.avlusa.com/index/workshop/teacherProfiles/jannieTaylor

Nancy Weber

Nancy Weber is an accomplished spinning and knitting teacher and designer who also weaves. For over 15 years she has been sharing her love of fiber and yarns with everyone! She has great enthusiasm, high energy and loves tactile fiber arts. Color is a toy and boy does she play!

Nancy Weber is teaching:

Blending Colors with a Hackle (Sat pm 3-hr.) class is FULL

Judy Zugish

Judy Zugish began experimenting with cultivating fibers 32 years ago. As her notable fiber arts garden grew, so also her basketmaking, teaching and studio work developed maturity. Judy’s delight in the irregular kindles the creative in her students and together they find the hidden gardens of expression. The recently published 500 Baskets includes one of her sculpted willow bark pieces; her gardens are featured in Landscaping with Herbs.  

Judy Zugish is teaching:

Japanese Diagonal Twill: Gestures in Tree Bark
(Sat 6-hr.)
Twining and Designing Off the Wall (Sun 6-hr.)

Her website is www.twigtwisters.com