Braiding and Basketry


Appalachian “Gods Eye” Ribbed Egg Basket

Tracy Shapiro


Loop Braiding Potpourri        

Ingrid Crickmore




Explore Painting and Dyeing with a “Greener” Indigo           

Barbara Shapiro


Fabric Stenciling


Stenciling On Fabric  

April Sproule




Felted Purse or Vessel           

Carin Engen


I Don’t Wanna Get Wet Felting – Needle Felt Techniques      

Loyce Ericson


Advanced Nuno Felting          

Carin Engen


Flowering Vines and Felted Jewelry  

Loyce Ericson




Versatile Cast-ons                 

Harry Wells


Bind-off Techniques          FULL  

Harry Wells


Mosaic Knitting – Colorwork The Easy Way!  

Harry Wells




Productive Spinning               

Stephenie Gaustad


Novelty Spinning – Bouclé Yarns       

Shelia January


Beginning Wheel Spinning     

Tracy Shapiro


Spinning For Socks               

Shelia January


Spinning For Lace                              

Shelia January




Contemporary Cut Pile Rug          FULL

Sara Lamb


Exploring Weave Structure on a Single Warp          FULL

Robyn Spady


Interpreting Designs for Tapestry:      Tricia Goldberg

Choosing Colors, Patterns and Techniques     


Secrets of Shadow Weave      

Linda Hartshorn


Woven Tubular Bands of Peru and Bolivia          FULL

Laverne Waddington


Weave A Memory                               

Daryl Lancaster


Weaving with Wire and Metals Workshop      

Susan McGehee


Tapestry: Expressions           

Tricia Goldberg


Woven fabric design and sewing


Closures For Sewing             

Daryl Lancaster


The Golden Proportion and Fibonacci Series            

Jennifer Moore


Exploring Symmetries            

Jennifer Moore


Exploring Tessellations         

Jennifer Moore


Solve the Mystery of Fit!              

Daryl Lancaster


Exploring Fractal Design                                                                                          

Jennifer Moore


Instructional Tour of the Juried Fashion Show                              

Daryl Lancaster