Advanced Nuno Felting


Carin Engen

6 hour workshop: Saturday 1-4, Sunday 9-12


If you would like to learn more about the technique of Nuno felting, this advanced workshop is for you. Some of the things that will be covered are: how to use cotton and other fabrics, including printed fabrics; other fibers and how they work, such as soy silk, bamboo, tencel, mohair, alpaca and angora; designs on both sides of the scarf; what to do with the raw edge if using yardage; how to add a ruffle; how to use silk hankies and “trapping” with a silk hankie; fringes; 3-D design and resists; patchwork, how to use wool as the glue to hold pieces together (a great way to use silk fabric remnants and scraps).


Prerequisite: Previous Experience With Felting

Materials Fee: approximately $30 to be determined by the student’s project.

Material provided: silk and cotton fabric, all fibers, tools and other materials used to

complete project. Tools will be available for purchase after the workshop.

Students to Bring: 2 old towels, plastic dish pan, scissors

Optional: silk fabric scraps