Explore Painting and Dyeing with a “Greener” Indigo


Barbara Shapiro

6 hour workshop: Friday 1-4, Saturday 9-12

Explore the magic and mystery of indigo, one of the oldest and most influential dyes. Learn the widespread historical, economic and cultural ramifications of indigo’s long story. Examine indigo dyed objects from around the world reflecting cultural idiosyncrasies and universal attributes. Create an indigo dye bath using a simple ecological formula, and sample the dye on different fabrics using this non-toxic, fume-free “greener” formula suitable for the home studio. Explore dyeing procedures and itajime resist technique on cotton kerchiefs. Create small vials of thickened indigo for printing or painting on cotton dinner napkins. You may also dye yarn or fabric for a small personal project as you become comfortable using this most magical of dyes.



Materials Fee: $25 covers: sample cloth for experiments, Japanese paper, two cotton dinner napkins, two kerchiefs, indigo, chemicals, handouts, etc.

Students to Bring: 1 empty clean glass spice jar or other similar small narrow glass jar, 1 small and 2 large zip-lock bags, calligraphy style paintbrush or other small brush, small old towel or washcloth, rubber gloves, work shirt or apron, basic sewing kit

Optional: wine cork or wood stamp for printing, dust mask, small amount of cotton or bast fiber yarn or fabric for a project ready to dye, and covered container to take home some of the dye bath