Exploring Weave Structure on a Single Warp


Robyn Spady

12 hour workshop: Friday 1-4, Saturday 9-12, Saturday 1-4, Sunday 9-12


Many weavers, from someone just getting acquainted with shuttles and shafts to an experienced veteran, may be surprised to learn that many weave structures are dependent more on the wefts and treadling than the threading. In this workshop, adapted for CNCH 2014 to accommodate both four and eight shaft looms, participants will pre-warp their looms and explore how to weave different weave structures from twill, lace and overshot to swivel, corduroy, deflected weft and double-faced fabric. At the same time, participants will be presented with treadling variations such as star vs. rose, fashion, weaving on opposites and echo treadling.


LEVEL: Adventure-seeking beginner to advanced

Prerequisite: Able to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $15

Students to Bring: a warped loom and shuttles