Loop Braiding Potpourri


Ingrid Crickmore

6 hour workshop: Friday 1-4, Saturday 9-12


There are many different types of easy and beautiful loop braids. In this class we will learn braids of as few as 2 loops to up to 7 or 8 loops, in many shapes and color patterns. All levels of experience are welcome. The focus in this workshop will be on learning a potpourri of loop braids, rather than on making finished objects. However, we will learn some different starting and finishing strategies for various end-uses. Participants may choose to make their braid samples in the form of key-fobs or bracelets. We will learn the following braids: Square braid – a firm, 4-sided twill braid; Flat braids – also a twill, flat and twice as wide as the square braid; Spiral braid – a round, solid braid, with a classic spiral pattern as well as several other possible color patterns; The 2-loop braid – a flat, 4-strand braid with a bit of a twist.



Students to Bring: 1 metal screw down C-clamp, scissors, paper and pencil