Spinning For Lace


Shelia January

3 hour workshop: Sunday 9-12


If you’ve wanted to spin cobweb-weight lace yarn and have wondered if there are techniques that can help achieve this, then this class is for you. We will examine fiber choices, worsted vs. woolen spinning, plying structure, and wheel set-up and adjustment. Our sample fibers will include different preparations of wool, silk and blends as well as exotics. If time permits, we’ll swatch up some of our samples.



Prerequisite: Able to spin a consistent singles yarn.

Materials Fee: $15 includes spinning fiber and other class materials.

Students to Bring: A spinning wheel in good working order. If you have a Woolee

Winder, please bring a standard flyer as well. Bring at least 3-4 bobbins, a Lazy Kate, and knitting needles in size 5-6.