Stenciling On Fabric (FULL)


April Sproule

9 hour workshop: Saturday 9-12 and 1-4, Sunday 9-12


Stencils have been around for centuries for a good reason – they are still one of the easiest and most effective ways to apply imagery to textiles. In this innovative workshop, we will be using a unique collection of stencils that I have developed. They are based on a modular component system, and are incredibly versatile yet simple to use. The Textile Design stencils are perfectly suited for a wide variety of art applications such as wearable art, fiber art, and home décor. On the first day we will focus on the techniques: basic stencil painting methods, design development, color mixing, and the layering and shading of the images. On the second day, we will explore the wide range of other stencil applications to add to your repertoire, such as foiling, discharge and applying resists. We’ll conclude with adding embellishments to your piece for added depth and dimension. You will be amazed at the spectacular results that you are able to achieve so quickly, and absolutely no painting or drawing experience is required.



Materials Fee: $30

Students to Bring: 2 yards light and 2 yards dark fabric (pre-washed natural fiber

content); or any other natural fiber item you wish to paint; dish pans of cleaning stencils; gloves and apron, if desired; embroidery threads, bangles and beads for embellishment, embroidery hoop

Optional: Sewing machine with an extension cord