Fashion Show and Fashion Gallery

Fashion Show and FASHION Gallery


Out on a Limb CNCH 2014 Fashion Show


Let’s Branch Out with Fibers at the 2014 CNCH Fashion Show at 7:30 PM on Saturday Night in the Oakland Marriott Grand Ballroom. Go “Out On a Limb” and let a season be your muse to create a fantastic outfit. Use one or several techniques in your creation: weaving, knitting, felting, dyeing and/or other surface design techniques to present a one-of-a-kind design.


We want your creative inspirations in our fashion show, so just do it! The Registration fee is $5 per garment (an ensemble counts as one). We would like you to model or supply a model. If you are too shy and want us to provide a model, add another $5 to the entry fee for each piece. More than one garment is encouraged. However, if you plan to model more than one piece, make sure that they represent different seasons so you have time to change, or supply another person to model for you.


Fashion Show entries will be displayed as part of the Fashion Gallery before and after the runway show. Let’s make this a show to remember! Entry is open to all members of CNCH and any registrant of CNCH 2014. Photography will be allowed. If you do not want your garment photographed, please do not enter it.


Fashion Gallery

¨ Garments that are in the Fashion Show will be automatically entered in this gallery.

¨ NECKWARE – woven, knitted or felted and used to keep us warm

¨ ACCESSORIES – caps and hats, gloves, shawls, jewelry, etc

¨ CHILDREN’S GARMENTS – that are not part of the fashion show


Entries for the last three categories need to be included on the entry form as items for the fashion gallery.


CNCH 2014 will be sponsoring a raffle, during the Fashion Show, of unique goods created from re-used and recycled fibers donated by CNCH guilds to generate scholarships for future conferences. Please plan to support this event with generosity!