Branching Out

This is a gallery of fiber/textile creations. Items can be functional, decorative or strictly art. You can choose to have your pieces judged or not, and ribbons will be awarded. The key word is creativity: e.g. a dishcloth with a great color combination, a hat in an interesting pattern, or a piece of wall art using good  design and color.


Instructors’ Gallery

This gallery contains displays showing the type of work the instructors have done.


Out On A Limb

Recycling is in and waste is out, so create something with recycled materials for this gallery. Let your imagination go wild and have some fun! Your creation can be wall art or sculptural, functional or not. Let’s reduce the waste and increase the art. Items in this display will be judged by “people’s choice” votes.


Rooted In Tradition

Traditionally, yardage is the beginning of all clothing, household décor and   utilitarian items. Here is a chance to create some yardage that someday could be a beautiful outfit or a tablecloth for special occasions. Let your imagination be your guide. The yardage must be 5 to 10 yards long and 18 to 30 inches wide. There must be a 1 1/2 inch sleeve at the top for display.

Have you completed something wonderful from your yardage from the 2012 conference? Here is your chance to show what you have made since creating the cloth. If your fabric is still waiting to become something wonderful, now is the time it put it together. All items will be displayed and judged. CNCH 2012 generously provided cash prizes to be awarded to returning 2012 fabrics.


What’s Your Bag?

This gallery is a guild project. Your guild can set a theme for members to follow or let each member do as they like. Your bags can be totes, clutches, purses, lunch bags, etc. They can be knitted, crocheted, woven, quilted, glued, stapled -whatever – and all materials are an open field. The gallery committee will hang the bags so all the guild needs to do is provide the bags.


Return to Sender Gallery – A Spinning Challenge!

“Return to Sender” is an event in which spinners create unique and wonderful yarn with fiber especially hand dyed for the 2014 conference. The finished yarn is returned to CNCH to be judged (optional) and displayed at the conference. This year we have chosen Blue Faced Leicester and Alpaca (90/10) dyed with natural dyes in Conference colors by Janet Finch of Aunt Janet’s Fiber Mill.

If you would like to participate, you will receive 2 ounces of fiber and complete guidelines by sending a $9 check (payable to CNCH 2014) by February 1, 2014 to Gina Glock, PO Box 682, Bayside, CA 95524. For more information email


Return of Return to Sender Gallery

Now is your chance to show off what you did with the gorgeous yarn you made for the 2012 Return to Sender! Enter the completed items in which your CNCH 2012 yarn is clearly recognizable so we may all enjoy the fruits of your labor. Judging is optional. For an exhibit entry form and guidelines, visit the website or contact Gina Glock, PO Box 682, Bayside, CA  95524, or email

Deadline is March 15, 2014.