Gallery Clarification


We are sorry our booklet is confusing about the exhibits at CNCH2014 I’m setting out an explanation of the galleries, including “Whats in your Bag” guild exhibit, the Fashion Show, the scholarship fund raffle and return to sender.

The Galleries. Here you will enter your masterpieces in one of four categories.

Branching Out Decorative items
Out on a limb Recycled items
Rooted in Tradition Yardage and made up items from last years Yardage.
What’s in Your Bag This is an individual exhibit but will be displayed under each guild name. Your guild may use a theme or be individual.

Download forms:

Gallery Form

 Fashion Gallery Entry


On page 12 of the booklet it describes the kind of things you can enter in each of the galleries.. You may choose to have the item judged..or not. There will be ribbons. This category requires you to fill out the entry form on page 47 and mail it in by March 15th. the item itself must be in by April 10th.

You may enter up to three items per class.

The Fashion Show and Fashion Gallery

The information for this is on page 11 in the booklet.

Here you will enter all Clothing, including accessories and children’s clothing,

The entry form for this is on page 46, the entry form must be in by April 1st. and the garments must be delivered to Judy Fisher by April 10th.


Return to sender

The information for this is in your package, including the identification information. You can also find in on the web page for CNCH2014.

There is no entry fee. Gina Glock will be there to receive your skein.


The return of return to sender ( made up items from last year’s yarn,) The information for this is on the web site. Gina will accept them on the first day. No fee.

Scholarship Fund Raffle
The sole purpose of this is to raise money for the scholarship fund. The items are to be donated. It will help us a lot if one person brings all your guild’s contributions. We’re asking you to use recycled materials. This includes the many fibers you have around your studio which never seem to get used.: yarns, handwoven, warp ends. You can also use plastic and other found objects incorporated into your piece as long as it is attractive and something you think someone would appreciate. It can be any kind of item. Mainly, have fun with it!


We will put printable labels on the web site for the recycled items.

I think we confused you because there is a recycled category in the gallery and the scholarship fund is recycled items. They are separate!!

Get busy and have fun!

I look forward to meeting you all and seeing all the amazing creations which appear , like magic, every year.