Volunteers and Angels

We Need Volunteers!!


You can be the “weft” that turns our “warp” into a wonderful CNCH conference. We need volunteers willing to help out during the conference.


Some duties are:

¨ Greet people at the front desk and sell “day passes”

¨ Help with the Fashion Show

¨ Help vendors in the Market Place

¨ Help with the “Spinning Corral”

¨ Booth Sit the Galleries

¨ Pick up and drop off teachers at the airport and bring them to the Oakland Marriott


Your commitment of three hours to help with any of these tasks will make a BIG difference in the success of CNCH 2014.


Please go to the CNCH website NOW to sign up for a task. You can sign up to volunteer during registration, but you will have a better choice now of getting a time and task that fits your schedule.


We also need a class angel for each class – consider signing up to help the

instructor collect materials fees, take roll and assist in whatever way is needed.