CNCH is a volunteer organization and all conferences are run entirely by volunteers! Many of you have expressed interest in volunteering at the conference – this is your opportunity! Volunteers who work for 2 hours will receive a day pass to the conference as thanks. Look at the opportunities listed below to find the perfect opportunity for helping out, whether around your class schedule, a way to get a day pass, or just to do your part toward putting on conferences like this one! We thank you in advance for your willingness to help out. HOW TO VOLUNTEER If you are interested in volunteering for any of these jobs, send an email to CNCH2014Volunteers@gmail.com (CNCH2014Volunteers @ gmail.com) indicating what you are interested in doing. Please include your Guild affiliation so that we can give credit to your guild for your willingness to help out! We will respond, letting you know that you have been listed for the job you requested and we will indicate on the chart that the job is filled by listing only your initials and your Guild name. The list of volunteer opportunities is a work in progress!  If you don’t see the exact job you wanted, check back. Some categories have not been listed and others may change. TICKET TAKERS – Check badges and take tickets at the main entrance to the conference. Please indicate when you volunteer when you are available.


REGISTRATION – Locate and hand out registration packets for registrants. Check availability for “open” classes and register interested individuals. Marketplace entrance will collect money for Marketplace entrants that don’t have a registration badge.

Registration Desk FRIDAY 7:45-10am  RT-Blacksheep, VD-Diablo, CC-Redwood
10am-noon  JB-Redwood, SH-Redwood
noon-2pm  MG-no guild, KD-Diablo
2-4pm  KA-Central Coast, LB-Fiber Artisans
SATURDAY 7:45-10  AF-Loom & Shuttle, CC-Redwood
10-noon  JS-Threads to Treadle, ML-no guild
noon-2pm  MD-no guild, AMcD-
2-4pm  KA-Central Coast, SW-Reno
4-6pm  KH-Sacramento, GC-Redwood, SP-Redwood
SUNDAY 10-noon  CC-Diablo, AS-no guild
noon-2pm  SK-Fiber Artisans, RW-Redwood


Airport Transport  KC-Golden Gate, JA-Diablo
Set-up Thursday/Friday pm
Rovers Friday 1-4 CM-Golden Valley, LR-Golden Gate
Saturday 9-12 SK-Humboldt, JC-Redwood
Saturday 1-4 SC-no guild affil, EC-Loom & Shuttle
Sunday 9-12 JL-Spindles & Flyers, MN-Foothill
Tear-Down Sunday pm


Ticket Takers Friday 10-12  BS-no guild, CR-Redwood
Friday 12-2  MM-Redwood, EPM-Redwood
Friday 2-4  JT-Redwood, WT-Yokayo
Scholarship Table Friday 4-5  JT-Redwood
Friday 5-6  CS-no guild
Friday 6-7  RS-Diablo
Ticket Takers Saturday 10-12  JB-no guild, JT-Central Coast
Saturday 12-2  MB-Central Coast, GD-Redwood
Saturday 2-4  SP-Redwood, KSJ-Redwood
Saturday 4-6  JB-Redwood, AK-Redwood
Sunday 10-12  JB-Redwood, AK-Redwood
Sunday 12-2

GALLERIES – Some Galleries jobs involve helping to set up and others are Sitters – that is, staying in the gallery, perhaps answering some questions but mainly watching to ensure that items are not touched (unless they can be) and that nothing walks away!

Gallery set up Thursday  EH-no guild
Gallery Sit Friday 10-12  GC-Redwood, TK-Blacksheep
Gallery Sit Friday 12-2  CT-Yokayo, KN-Motherlode
Gallery Sit Friday 2-4  PH-Bay Area Basket, LH-Mt Lassen
Gallery Sit Friday 5-6  DC-Spindles & Flyers, KB-Golden Gate
Gallery Sit Friday 6-7  RG-no guild, BF-Sacramento
Gallery Sit Saturday 10-12  JT-Central Coast, DA-Central Coast
Gallery Sit Saturday 12-2  MG-no guild affiliation, PS-Loom & Shuttle
Gallery Sit Saturday 2-4  PB-Redwood, JA-Redwood
Gallery Sit Saturday 3-5  AS-Spindles & Flyers, PK-Fiber Artisans
Gallery Sit Saturday 5-6  JG-Santa Cruz, AF-Loom & Shuttle
Gallery Sit Sunday 10-12  PE-Treadles to Threads
Take Down Sunday  LS-Golden Gate, DC-Mendocino


BB-Santa Cruz, JS-no guild, CH-Carmel, DC-Mendocino, SK-Sacramento


Appalachian Rib Basket JP-Blacksheep
Advanced Nuno BC-Redwood
Beginning Wheel MM- Santa Cruz
Bind-Off Tech JL-Spindle & Flyers
Closures for Sewing KB-Golden Gate
Contemporary Cut Pile RG-No Guild Affiliation
Explore Painting SG-Diablo
Exploring Fractal CB-Loom & Shuttle
Exploring Symmetry SH-Redwood
Exploring Tessellations LW-Diablo
Exploring Weave Structures RS-Diablo
Felted Purse LS-Golden Gate
I Don’t Wanna B-Redwood
Instructional Tour MG-Loom & Shuttle
Interpreting Designs JB-Humboldt
Loop Braiding CS-no guild affiliation
Mosaic Knit MD-Country Weavers
Novelty Spinning DC-Spindle & Flyer
Productive Spinning GK-Central Coast
Secrets of Shadow Weave RT-Blacksheep
Mystery of Fit MB-Carmel
Spinning for Lace AS-Spindles & Flyers
Spinning for Socks KC-Golden Gate
Stenciling LC-Redwood
Tapestry Expressions JG-Santa Cruz
The Golden Proportion SK-Humboldt
Versatile Cast-ons KH-Sacramento
Weave a Memory JA-Diablo
Weaving with Wire NW-Central Coast
Woven Tubular RF-Central Coast