CNCH 2016 provides a variety of opportunities to share your creations: three themed galleries to enter. And by invitation only, there will also be an instructor’s gallery and a Complex Weaver’s gallery. Additionally, a new and an old: new this year is a children’s gallery, open to select schools and to children under the age of 16 sponsored by a CNCH member, and a well-treasured old gallery for entry: Return to Sender and its legacy Return of Return to Sender. While there will be no formal judging in these galleries, there will be a Viewer’s Choice Award in each gallery. There is a $5 entry fee per three pieces to be displayed in one of the themed galleries.


To be shown, pieces must be crafted by a CNCH member(s) or a conference registrant, or – for the Children’s Gallery – sponsored by a CNCH member.


For Gallery entries, complete the top portion of the entry form for each piece (refer to Registration Booklet, or to Forms tab on website). Make payment payable to: CNCH 2016. Mail the forms and to: Laura Carpender, Del Oro Spinners and Weavers Guild, P.O Box 566, Sutter Creek, CA   95685.


Pieces for the Galleries should be delivered to the Vendor Hall in the Double Tree Hotel on Friday, April 8, 2016, between 9 am and 1pm. Attach a completed white display card to the bottom right corner of the piece. Where applicable, sew a cloth sleeve and provide a dowel for hanging.


Galleries to Enter

From Field to Fiber

Finished creations — handspun, woven, knitted, crocheted, felted, or ? — will be displayed in this gallery. The fields from which they originate may be full of plant fibers like cotton, flax, silk       (worms eat leaves!). The fields may be full of critters such as sheep, alpaca, llamas, burros (ri”donk”ulously, you can spin their fiber).


Fabric from Seed

What “seeds” inspire your fabric? Is it the seed of color, texture, pattern, draft, or the environment that tickles your imagination? What inspired you to weave this fabric and what did it become when it came off of the loom?


From Farm to Town

Basket makers, this gallery is for you! Whether your baskets are for produce, or a fine piece of art for display, this is your opportunity to share your work and inspiration. From practical to exotic, share your creations.


Galleries for Your Viewing Pleasure


The Gardeners Who Plant the Seed

Our fabulous instructors will display their favorite creations in this gallery. If you are fortunate enough to be enrolled in one of their classes, this will give you a peek into their creative spirit. Perhaps it will inspire you to take a class from one of these talented fiber artists in the future.


Growing Our Future

Entry in Growing Our Future is open to students of Rail Road Flat Elementary, Jamestown Waldorf, and any child 5 years to 15 years of age sponsored by a CNCH Guild member (include Guild affiliation on entry form).

Children must be 5 to 15 years of age. Projects can be woven (including tapestry), spun or felted. Minor adult help, such as help in warping a loom is allowed for children 5-11 years.

There will be two divisions: Division A, ages 5-11 years and Division B, 12-15years. Division A will be broken up into the following groups: ages 5-6, 7-8, and 9-11. Division B will consist of one group, ages 12-15. First, Second, and Third place ribbons will be awarded for each group. A Best of Division prize will be awarded for each Division and one Best in Show prize will be awarded to the entry getting the most votes. The Best in Show Winner will not be eligible for the Best in Division Prize.

Winners will be determined by a popular vote of the conference attendees.

Complex Weavers

These weavers are dedicated to expanding the boundaries of their handweaving and encourage members to develop their own creative style. They help their members develop a deeper understanding of weave structures, fabric design, historical techniques, and methods and tools for creating woven fabric. Their fabulous creations will be displayed in this gallery.