Scholarship Grant

Conference Registration Scholarship

CNCH is pleased to offer a scholarship grant program for members of affiliated guilds.

For additional information, please see the detail below and download the scholarship application form.

Conference Grant Information and Requirements
  1. To be eligible for the grant, the applicant must be a member in good standing of a guild which is a member of CNCH, Inc. Applicant must not have been awarded this grant in the past five years.
  2. Five grants in the amount of the Early Bird registration of $350 are available for CNCH 2017 Conference, one for each Area.
  3. The grant committee consists of at least three members from the CNCH Advisory Board. The committee does not have access to applicants’ names.
  4. Applications will be available on the web site,, from guild liaisons, or by contacting the CNCH Administrative Assistant, Erin Maclean, or P.O. Box 191119, Sacramento, CA 95819-1119.
  5. Awards will not be made on the basis of financial need. The applicant will describe the applicant’s fiber interests and the applicant’s reasons for wanting to attend CNCH 2017 Conference. Selection will be based on both the applicant’s personal goals and upon how they plan to share their experience with their guild.
  6. Applications are due by November 14, 2016. The grant committee will make its selection for the awards by November 30, 2016. Applicants should register online and each recipient will be sent a check from CNCH, Inc. once registration and guild membership is confirmed.
  7. If the recipient is unable to attend CNCH 2017 Conference for any reason, the recipient needs to notify the CNCH committee as early as possible for the committee to be able to award the grant to another individual, if time allows. Regardless, if the recipient does not attend the conference, the money must be returned to CNCH, Inc.