CNCH 2017 Workshops

Chase Twills
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Annetta Kraayeveld
Twill baskets with a little bit of a twist! The focus of this workshop is chase twills, twill weaving with two weavers.
Color, Content and Creativity: New Strategies for New Work in Cloth
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Mary Zicafoose
Artist and weaver Mary will present a trifecta of one-day workshops to stimulate visual thinking and ignite your creative work in textiles.
Colorhue Instant Silk Dyeing and Printing
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Barbara Setsu Pickett
Colorhue is a liquid, highly concentrated, non-toxic, fiber-reactive dye designed especially for silk. Because it strikes so quickly you can achieve unique color effects like iridescence.
Kumihimo – Japanese Braiding, Beading and Beyond
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Karen Huntoon
Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braid making and this workshop will be “hands on” with lots of samples for inspiration.
More Than Just Black and White: Weaving Beautifully with Neutrals
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Betty Vera
This class concentrates on combining light-and-dark tones effectively, using warm and cool neutrals, exploring the textural range of different yarns and weaves, and enhancing the graphic potential of woven design.
New Uses of an Ancient Basketry Technique – Twining
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Lois Russell
This class will focus on twining, using colorful waxed linen thread. Students will begin with a small pre-made base to make sure they have the basics before exploring the many possibilities of pattern, shape and texture.
Off the Grid
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Elisabeth Hill
In an on-loom round robin format we will weave multiple samples in 4 and 8 shaft structures that allow the warp and weft to shift and move, creating a dizzying array of curves, undulations and textures.
Princess Breeds – Turbo-Charged
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Beth Smith
Take an enchanted journey with fairy tale princesses and the princesses of the animal world, sheep. We will spend 2 ½ days covering the ins and outs of 15 sheep breeds, the history of each breed and every detail about each breed’s fleece.
The Unwoven Warp: Layering Sprang on a Woven Cloth
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Deanna Deeds
Learn to add sprang braided accents to your handwoven creations by leaving pattern warp unwoven in select areas, using a modified twill structure that creates supplementary warps.
Shifu Journey: Spinning and Weaving Mulberry Paper and More
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Donna Sakamoto Crispin
Shifu is the Japanese art of cutting and spinning washi paper and weaving it into cloth. Donna will show you the traditional way and some nonconventional ways to create your own paper thread and cord.
Spinning Spectacular Knitting yarns
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Kate Larson
This class will help guide you through the process of choosing a fiber and yarn design, keeping gauge consistent, estimating fiber and yardage, washing and finishing knitting yarns, and more.
Tied up in a Magical Box – Tied Weaves and Tied Weave Threadings
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Robyn Spady
Tied weaves create patterned fabric with floats of limited length. One threading can provide a multitude of different treadling options – from singles and pairs to Dukagang and taquete.
Weaving with Non-Traditional Materials – An Exploration of unusual, innovative and just simply funky yarns
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Giovanna Imperia
You will be coached on the idiosyncrasies of a wide variety of funky and futuristic yarns, including handling, warping, weaving, braiding, selecting the right yarns for the look and feel that you want and using their tricky ways effectively, to give you the results that you want.