Kumihimo – Japanese Braiding, Beading and Beyond

A workshop with Karen Huntoon

Multicolor strands of beaded kumihimo braids

Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braid making and this workshop will be “hands on” with lots of samples for inspiration, written materials and kits. While learning new skills and techniques participants will be able to tie each learning block into a completed project. Starting with the basics of braiding a round braid on a foam Kumihimo disk they will then complete an 8 strand cluster bead bracelet, a blended beaded necklace and will experiment with a 12 strand ridge spiral braid. In addition there will be demonstrations of braiding on a Murudai weaving stand with fiber and with beads.

Skill level:
Beginner to Intermediate
Student material fee:
$50.00. Fee will cover discs, cords and beads. Instructor will email participants as to their choice of color of fiber/beads for the various projects.
Materials list:
Weldbond glue, scissors, tape measure, reading glasses or magnifier.
Instructor’s biography:
Besides teaching, Karen is an owner of an online business devoted to Kumihimo. She braids with fiber and with beads and uses the foam disk and plate, the Marudai and most recently the Takadai. Karen leads yearly kumihimo/knitting tours to Mexico and Guatamala. As she notes on her website “my brain never gets tired of thinking of how Kumihimo works, what I can do with it next, and how I can share it with others.”

Photo of Karen Huntoon