Weaving with Non-Traditional Materials

Weaving with Non Traditional Materials – an exploration of unusual, innovative and just simply funky yarns

A Workshop with Giovanna Imperia

Gauze-like red and blue scarves woven with stainless steel yarns

Ever been intrigued by unusual materials but not been able to figure out how to use them? Then, this is the workshop for you. In this fun filled workshop you will find answers to questions you may have had and did not know who to ask: What is polyurethane? Why would I want to use thermoplastic? What is the point of combining bast or protein fibers with metal? What is elastane and how do I make friends with it? What is metal, what is metallic? Can I weave with metal thinner than hair, and why would I want to do that? And much, much more.

Come to class with a pre-warped loom and begin the creative exploration of a variety of unique materials ranging from polyurethane coated yarns to 40 micron wire (finer than your hair!) to a variety of plastics and thermoplastics. Create your own sampler while testing the properties of these materials. On the second day, you will be able to continue this exciting exploration by warping some of the more suitable materials and test their properties in the warp and the weft. Appropriate finishing techniques will be discussed.

You will be coached on the idiosyncrasies of a wide variety of funky and futuristic yarns, including handling, warping, weaving, braiding, selecting the right yarns for the look and feel that you want and using their tricky ways effectively, to give you the results that you want. Permutations can be infinite so warping materials will be limited to just a few. This will give us time to discuss issues that may arise when warping and will also limit the number of finishing techniques we will cover to a manageable number.

Skill level:
Intermediate to Advanced (this is not a “learn to weave” workshop).
Student Material Fee:
$75.00 – this includes all the weft material for Day 1, and warp and weft material for Day 2.
Students provide:

Registered students will receive instructions ahead of time for the first warp along with a material list. This class will require a 4 to 8 shaft table or floor loom, preferably with Texsolv heddles – no twisted wire heddles please.

Instructor Biography:
Most of Giovanna’s work focuses on the exploration of the tactile and organic nature of fiber and related materials while pushing the boundaries of the expected definition of body adornment and 3D objects. She has written 2 books on kumihimo and a number of weaving articles. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Besides teaching Giovanna is the owner of an online yarn boutique specializing in unusual yarns.