CNCHnet . . . The Textile Arts Webzine of the Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Summer 2011

Judy Fisher, Editor


This issue marks the beginning of CNCHnet’s  second year of existence.

As editor, I’ve covered a fair amount of territory.  Not only have I urged many talented weavers and fiber artists to write about what they do and how they do it, I’ve also become reasonably proficient in using the computer as an editorial tool, filing cabinet and all around general factotum.

For this issue, I put out the call for articles on different types of looms and weaving and I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response!  I’ve had enough response that I’ll be publishing more on this subject in our Fall issue.  Thank you — your involvement is what makes this job so much fun!

I’ve also decided that it was time to put my picture on this page.  My hope is that when you see me at Conference or other fiber venues, you’ll come over and introduce yourself and tell me what you’d like to see published in CNCHnet. I’m always open to ideas and I’m always looking for new contributors.

Enough about me.  This issue of CNCHnet opens with a review of a museum show that doesn’t feature yarn or woven fabric.  Instead, it conveys the essence of woven fabric using paper, draping and paint.  The installation has to be classed as eye candy.  If you can get to San Francisco by June 5, be sure to drop by the Legion of Honor and be seduced by this show. The articles following Pulp Fashion are works by, for and about our members.  I am always amazed at the breadth and depth of talent that is collected under the CNCH umbrella.

Now is a good time to sit back and enjoy what we have gathered.

Judy Fisher

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