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Winter 2011

I can certainly tell that the Sun has crossed the celestial equator and that we are well on our way to the Winter Solstice.  In my area of Northern California, this yearly occurrence made itself known with a sudden change in the weather- from toasty hot to rainy and cold within a few days of being officially Fall.

The change of season helps me with a change of focus:  I now feel like working in my studio, playing with yarns and looms and being inspired by my previously woven fabrics to-finally- do something with them.

Judy Fisher

On September 24, I attended (along with about 70 other people) the CNCH liaison meeting in Oakland .  After lunch we were treated to an overview of what is planned and what we can look forward to at our 2012 Conference in May.

There is more about the upcoming conference within our pages as well as several articles on sewing with handwoven materials–think fashion show, a piece about working together to make a previous conference memorable, and a retrospective of the life and works of Lydia van Gelder who recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

Our Guilds that took the Summer off are now organizing meetings, scheduling programs and speakers,  and renewing old friendships.

Let me know what your Guilds are up to.  Do you have special projects for the Holiday Season?  Do you as a group weave items for babies, or people in need?  How do you reach out to interested people?  Publishing what you are doing inspires others to do something, too.

Read on and enjoy!

Judy Fisher, CNCHnet Editor

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Click on LYDIA to read about her 100 creative years.