Our First Study Group

November 20, 2017, Posted by Web Manager

The response has been so terrific to our idea of setting up inter-guild study groups that we’re going to go ahead and launch our first group! This exciting study proposal comes from the Reno Fiber Guild, thanks to the efforts of Beryl Moody, and it’s based on an incredible weaving manual from the year 1792, which is a free download! I don’t know about you, but I signed right up!!

Up above in the navigation bar, you can access the new Study Group page. Keep an eye on that for group updates and news.

Here’s how you can join this first group:
1. Take a look at both the Study Group Proposal and the Survey, below or on the study group page.
2. Download the manual and see if it interests you (the link is in the Proposal.)
3. email Beryl or CNCH coordinator Joan Near to express your interest
4. Fill out the survey and email that to Beryl

You’ll be invited to join a Yahoo group so we can share our pictures & progress.
And Beryl has some ambitious plans for assembling our results into an e-book.
Plus, you’ll be taking part in the first Inter-Guild Study Group, so you’ll be able to
provide feedback on how we can improve this effort in the future.
This particular study group can accommodate up to 50 weavers, of all levels,
broken into smaller sub-groups for swatch-sharing, so here’s your chance to get in
on the ground floor!

Reno Study Group

Study Group Survey



Redwood Fiber Guild Cancellations

October 20, 2017, Posted by Web Manager

Redwood Fiber Guild regrets that they must cancel the following events, due to the recent area fires:

Liza Trujillo, talk and workshop

October Sale – due to the damage to the Luther Burbank Center


The future of CNCH: Connecting & Communicating

October 20, 2017, Posted by Web Manager

You’re a member of your guild. Your guild is a member of CNCH. Therefore, you have a direct link to literally hundreds of like-minded fiber folks throughout northern California and Nevada! In light of that, the CNCH Advisory Council is ready to launch some new programs if your guild is interested in joining in!

We would like you to take these ideas for making CNCH more interactive in the future to your membership. See if they’re as enthusiastic about these initiatives as we are! And email your feedback and suggestions to the coordinator, Joan Near, at nearfiberarts@gmail.com. We’ll discuss and vote on these ideas at the next Liaison meeting.

Inter-group Study Groups

CNCH would create a central coordinator who can help you create a study group! In this age of easy communications, geography is no longer an issue, and you can enjoy in-depth learning and swatch-sharing with a host of new email friends through CNCH! To find out the details of this new program, please refer to the “media” links for documents called Study Group Guidelines & Cover letter.

So-called email study groups have proven very popular in other organizations such as Complex Weavers and HGA. There’s no cost except swatch- sharing postage! And each independent group makes up its own timelines and parameters. A coordinator is chosen from within the group to oversee its progress, and connecting over the internet makes everything easy. A lot of fun & learning!

Program Sharing

If you’ve ever been in charge of Programs for your guild, you know what a tough job this can be! Let’s all make it easier on ourselves by sharing information! With a central CNCH coordinator, it would be easy to email your program schedule, and the schedules of all the other guilds will be easily available on the CNCH website for your information. This is a win-win situation! It takes little effort to post a list, and the reward is a wealth of program ideas. And a sigh of relief from your harried program person.

Knowledgeable Members List

Here’s another way we can all help each other out! If you have guild members who are willing to put on a presentation for other guilds, we would have a place to list them! You might have a geographical limit that you’re unwilling to go beyond, or you might insist on being paid, or have other restrictions. These are all addressed on your entry form, which of course can be changed or removed from the list at any time. A great chance to share your passion! Amateur and professional guild members would all be welcome on this list. Please refer to the “media” link called “Presentation Form.”

Area Gatherings

CNCH is comprised of five areas, within which are several guilds grouped geographically, and the commitment to coordinate a conference rotates through these areas annually. Do you know anything about the other guilds in your area? We’ve come up with the idea of holding a free group picnic, in a location central to your area, for getting to know one another and just having a good time. This event would be organized through a central CNCH coordinator, and would use input from each guild regarding location and other event planning needs. This idea is under development and we could use input from your membership. There are already some great suggestions such as holding a stash/equipment swap/sale at these events.

More Information

 We’ll be ironing out more details before our next Liaison meeting, but right now it looks like your guild will email info to the central coordinator, who will compile it and keep it updated on the website. Very little trouble to you, and big rewards. We hope you’ll join in!


Study Group Cover Letter

Study Group Guidelines

Presentation Form

Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts presents Lisa Trujillo

September 21, 2017, Posted by Web Manager






Chimayo Weaving

Begun in the early years of the twentieth century, this style is basically two stripes and a center design. The stripes are clearly derived from the Rio Grande blanket, and the center design is an outgrowth of Saltillo tapestry techniques. Along with a uniform texture obtained by the use of commercial yarn from a standard source, the style was very distinctive. Sizes in the industry became standardized and over the years new products developed. What was still essentially a blanket-weight wool fabric was transformed into warm and durable clothing, purses, pillows, furniture mats, seat covers, couch throws, wall hangings, and on-of-a-kind tapestries. For more information go to: http://www.chimayoweavers.com.






Lisa Trujillo, award winning weaver. Lisa and her husband Irvin are the owners of Centinela Traditional Arts in Chimayo, New Mexico. Their weaving has received recognition through articles, awards, museums, galleries, and competitions. Their weaving is collected throughout the world, including the Smithsonian.

Lecture on November 1 at 11:00 during the guild meeting.

History of Chimayo Weaving

Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa

Non-Guild Members welcome. Redwood Guild Members are given preference for the workshop.

Three day workshop on November 2, 3, 4 from 9a – 4p:

Fundamentals of Chimayo Weaving Workshop

216 E. School St., Cotati, CA 94931 Copeland Room

Description: the workshop is primarily an introduction to the fundamental techniques of shuttle and tapestry weaving that are necessary to weave in the Chimayo style. The workshop also introduces concepts underlying the logic of Chimayo designing. Minimum 8 participants, Maximum 10. Requirements: portable floor loom or table loom with stable tension, 4 shafts already warped.

3 day workshop includes fee for Chimayo Weavers Guidebook:

Guild members: $215

Non-guild members: $225

Register: Online at http://redwoodgfa.org

For more information contact, Jamie Blumenthal, musictherapy@msn.com


2017 Fall Liaison Meeting

September 11, 2017, Posted by Web Manager

CNCH Fall Liaison Meeting
Saturday, October 7, 2017
4:30-6:00 pm
Madden Hall Annex
Dixon May Fair Grounds
655 South 1 st Street, Dixon, California

Dear CNCH Liaisons and Guild Presidents,
As many of you now know, there will not be a CNCH sponsored conference for 2018 due to Convergence 2018 taking place in Reno, Nevada, next July. The CNCH by-laws call for a Fall Liaison meeting and although we are not sponsoring a conference, we are participating in activities at Convergence and have
information to share with you.

Unlike other Liaison meetings, this meeting will take place during the Lambtown Festival in Dixon. We encourage you to visit https://www.lambtown.org/ for details of all the events scheduled for the both October 7 th && 8 th . This will not be a lunch meeting so there are no other costs other than your travel associated with the meeting. While the meeting is short, we feel that we can cover the important topics in the time allowed and you can enjoy the Lambtown events at your leisure.

Dixon is located 8 miles west of Davis and 5 miles east of Vacaville. Activities and events include a vendor market, a sheep to shawl demonstration, and more. Lambtown Festival is scheduled for 9:00 am to 6 pm on Saturday and 9:00 am to 4 pm on Sunday. There is a general admission of $5.00. Parking is

We realize this is short notice but hope that will not keep you or another of your guild representatives from attending. One of the agenda highlights is the announcement of not just one but two Convergence grants for 2018.

We hope to see you there.
Yours truly,
Your CNCH Advisory Council

Please RSVP: advisory@cnch.org
Directions: https://www.google.com/maps/@38.4394382,-121.8228547,15z

Mt Lassen Fiber Guild Hosting Melissa Harris

September 7, 2017, Posted by Web Manager

Mt Lassen Fiber Guild is hosting a weekend of spinning workshops, October 20, 21, and 22! Please click on the image for full details!

Redwood Guild Fiber Arts Sale

September 7, 2017, Posted by Web Manager

Redwood Guild is hosting a Fiber Arts Sale, Saturday, October 28 10a -4p. Please click the image for more details!
Guild Sale Flyer Final 2017 (1) (1)

July 28 to September 3, 2017 International Fiber Arts VIII Sepastopol, CA (1 1/2 hours north of San Francisco)

August 1, 2017, Posted by Wendy Bertrand

This fabulous MUST SEE show by the Center for the Arts, Sebastopol in collaboration with the Surface Design Association includes about 17 woven pieces of the 80 works selected from 500 entries, two come from San Francisco’s Loom & Shuttle Guild: Deborah Corsini and Wendy Bertrand.

International Fiber Arts 8 Promo   (pdf via my website with all workshops and lectures)


Internation Fiber Arts 8 Promo


_Corsini_Fire Water                   Artist Wendy Bertrand with Loom and Shuttle guild members at the International Fiber Arts Exhibit Sebastopol

Fire/Water by Deborah Corsini                             Wendy Bertrand with City Life
Photo from Artist                                                                               photo by Diane Chehab

2016                                                                    62″ X 42″  Hand spun and commercial wool

46″ x 34″                                                                Marlene Golden and Barbara Nitzberg,
wool, silk with cotton warp                                     Loom & Shuttle members view show

This exciting show also brings workshops and lectures during August. Check out the pdf  shown above and attached. For example, on Saturday August 19 at 3pm Handweaving in the Computer Age by Sheila O”Hara.

Web Manager Position Opening

June 6, 2017, Posted by JAnderson

CNCH has an opening for web manager.  Currently the Web Manager maintains it as a Word Press website.  Applicants should have the following technical skills:  WordPress, HTML, CSS PHP, and knowledge of image/graphics software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Element.  The Manager would be responsible for the technical and legal aspects of the website and not wholly responsible for the pure content.  There is a quarterly stipend for these services.  Duties include support for CNCHnet and also contributors to the blog a well as technical duties dealing with the server and web site.  Attend Advisory Council meetings.

The job is from your home.  We would prefer a person who is a member of CNCH or understands the fiber world.

More info on duties and compensation is available from Advisory@CNCH.org.


20th Annual Spinning at the Winery

May 16, 2017, Posted by Vilija

20th 2 color

Treadles to Threads Spinning Guild invites you once again to “Spinning at the Winery.” We’re hoping the 20th year of this event brings exceptional weather as well as an exceptional day for you in Livermore’s wine country. This  is a day to spend spinning, snacking, shopping and visiting with your fiber friends throughout the Bay Area. California vendors are featured with goodies from raw fiber to finished yarn, spinning equipment, fiber related goodies, a dynamite raffle, and lots more that that you will find utterly enticing. Morro Fleece works will again be there for deposit of that beautiful fleece you find from local shepherds.

Bring your wheel and a pot luck dish to share for a truly enjoyable day on the grounds of Retzlaff Winery. The tasting room will be open to enliven your dining pleasure.

This event can be crowded, so please don’t bring your pets, even if they are exceptionally well behaved.

JUNE 3, 2017

Retzlaff Vineyards 

1356 Livermore Ave, Livermore CA

10 am to 4 pm,   $5 entry per person