Important CNCH 2010 Registration Update

Posted By Ann McDonough on November 6, 2009

There was an issue with the RegOnline, our registration website, during part of the registration process. They did not store the credit card number at the time of the registration so we were not able to process many of the credit card transactions.

Two very important notes:

  1. This was not the result of a security breach.  Your credit card numbers have not been compromised. They were never stored.
  2. You will not need to re-register.  All your registration information except the credit card number has been saved. You are still confirmed in all the classes and workshop you have registered for.

An email is being sent out to those of you who fall into this category. Please follow the instructions in the email.  The text of the email reads as follows:

Edited: There is a typo in the original email.  The correct URL is

This is an important email in regards to your online registration for the event: CNCH 2010.

During the registration process you had supplied a credit card number to be stored in the system and then charged at a later date. Unfortunately, due to a temporary problem with the website hosting the registration event your credit card number was not stored. This temporary issue has now been resolved.

We kindly ask you to revisit the registration website to supply this information again.

The registration website is located at the following address:

I would like to assure you that this information was not lost due to any security breach or problem with your credit card. RegOnline, the registration site provider, had published a release to the program which temporarily stopped the storing of credit cards by mistake. The glitch has been fixed and credit card storage has resumed. I would also like to make you aware that RegOnline has maintained a PCI level 1 compliance since 2007, which is the highest certification given to online merchants processing credit card transactions.

After accessing the site and supplying your email address, click ”finalize” on the update page. Next, click “continue” on the merchandise page. From there you will be brought to the checkout page where you can resubmit your credit card information.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. RegOnline has put in new measures to ensure that something like this does not happen in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact the CNCH Registrar, Linda Heiple, at


Ann Mconough & Your RegOnline Team
CNCH 2010 Web Chair
Black Sheep Handweavers Guild

Please check your inbox and/or spam box for this message and return to the registration website to update your information.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.