Mistakes That Work

Posted By Joan Pont on March 10, 2011

Pleating, ruching, knitting, printing and dyeing, okay.  Then shredding, rotting, bleaching, and burning, Marty Jones uses all these techniques to create her art.  Our next speaker studied embroidery at the City and Guilds of London Institute in England from 1993 to 2000 and has graduated with a degree in Stitch Design and Textiles.  She also attended advanced studies of embroidery at Middlesex University, London, England.  After applying any and all techniques above, she embellishes her altered textiles with thread, beads, plastics, metals, papers, and paints.  By manipulating the colors, textures and character of the various fibers, she conveys many expressive and emotional qualities including anticipation, love, joy, serenity, depression, aging and decay.

Please join the Tamalpais Weavers’ Guild meeting, guests welcome, Monday, March 21, 7 pm, Francis Young Gallery, Marin Art and Garden Center, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Ross.  I warn you, once you come as a guest, you will be compelled to join!

Circles (2010), Marty Jones