Feel like Felting? Come to CNCH 2012

Posted By DLaVallee on August 9, 2011

Carin Engen, felter extraordinaire will be teaching several felting techniques at CNCH 2012 in Oakland, May 18-20.  Take a look at her blog and her photo-stream to see some of the gorgeous work she does: http://artfullyfelt.blogspot.com/.

Here is her philosophy in her own words: “Art is like magic to me. The process of making a thought turn into something that can be held in my hand is what I love. When I see a design of mine in its finished form I find it almost impossible to reproduce it. The magic is no longer there because i know what it’s going to look like. It’s hard for me to make a pair of socks or even two sleeves that are the same. Needless to say productions work is not for me. I have been a felter for the past 18 years. I have found it very rewarding and fun. It fits my experimental personality. It’s that magic thing. I started dyeing my own wool roving and other fiber in 1998 because I couldn’t find the colors I like. Now I am dyeing about 300 pounds of it a year for my students and for sale retail. I also have a line of hand dyed wool fabric”.

So many wonderful teachers to choose from – how to decide which classes to sign up for?