Do you know someone who wants to learn to weave?

Posted By DLaVallee on November 6, 2011

Tell them about Syne Mitchell’s class in rigid heddle weaving at CNCH 2012!.

The class is a wonderful introduction to rigid-heddle weaving and to weaving in general. Students warp and weave off a scarf in a day using gorgeous hand-painted warp and matching weft. Lessons learned along the way include: peg method of warping a rigid-heddle loom, how to weave efficiently and well (and get good selvedges), how to calculate how much yarn is needed for a project, color theory for weaving, repair techniques for weaving errors off the loom, and finishing techniques. Students should bring their own rigid-heddle looms; a few looms will be available for rent.  This is a 6 hour class offered on Saturday, May 19, 2012. Online Registration is now open!

Syne Mitchell is the creator of and the host of WeaveCast, a podcast for handweavers.  She loves sharing her passion for weaving with others and has taught all over the country.  Her current focuses are creating garments and innovative fabrics with rigid heddle looms, and using eTextile technologies.