Gallery and Fashion Show Entry Deadlines Extended!

Posted By DLaVallee on April 5, 2012

Entry deadlines for the Fashion Show and the Galleries have been extended to May 1, 2012!

If you were thinking of entering, and just didn’t get that entry in the mail, or the item is still on the loom, or still being sewn – now is your chance!  Fill out the form and get it in the mail today.

Entry forms for Traditions/Innovations, Basketry and Yardage can be found here.

and here for the entry form for the fashion show.

The Extension applies to items to be entered in the

Traditions/Innovations Gallery – Home décor includes the functional and the decorative: Towels, rugs, blankets, wall hangings, curtains, napkins, placemats, table covers, etc. Handspun items may be woven, knitted or felted. And wearable items that aren’t being submitted for the fashion show.  Wearables can include garments, neckware, other accessories.

Baskets, Vessels and Sculpture – A three dimensional shape, made from natural, reclaimed, or unconventional materials that could carry or hold something, or perhaps a sculptural creation – a focal point on a wall, table or shelf, in or out of homes.

Yardage – Weave a piece of new yardage to be hung in the gallery. You can weave it with an idea of what it will be used to make or decide that later.  This includes return of Yardage exhibited at CNCH 2010 and now made into a final product.

Fashion Show – Woven, felted, knitted, or manipulated fabric wearables.  You can choose to model your item yourself, or have it modeled for you.