Invite all your friends to The Market Place at CNCH!

Posted By DLaVallee on April 17, 2012

There will be lots to see and do as a Day Visitor at Traditions/Innovations – A Fiber Artisans Market Place – May 19 & 20, 2012 at the Oakland Convention Center!

Click here for Day Registrant info and a $ off coupon.

Make-it,Take-it Opportunities in the Vendor Hall:

CD-spindle spinning,


Kumihimo braiding,

Saori weaving,

Rigid heddle weaving

Woven bookmarks.

Click here to see the schedule and details about each opportunity.

The Spinner’s Corral

What is one of the fastest growing, super popular fiber arts out there today? Spinning. And not on a bicycle! Whether spinning on a wheel or on a spindle, fiber is getting spun everywhere: for weaving, for knitting or just for the sake of a beautiful skein.

Also in The Market Place there will be an area dedicated to spinning Come and try out the wheels and spindles that will be there for practice, from the traditional to the contemporary.  You may have a new wheel in your future and this will be the place to get started looking. One is never enough for a true spinner.

We will also have plenty of chairs if you want to bring your own wheel or spindle and sit, rest and spin for awhile. A great way to meet other spinners and talk to those interested in learning.

Having problems with your own wheel? Will Taylor, spinning wheel doctor extraordinaire, will also be there, off and on, throughout Saturday and Sunday. He will be happy to give you some tips.


Various vendors will have demonstrations of looms, spinning wheels, braiding techniques, and other tools of the fiber arts in their booths throughout the day – a schedule of events will be posted near the entrance.

Fiber Arts Vendors:

Lots of special dealers in the fibers, tools, accessories, books  and gifts in the fiber arts are bringing their shops and expertise to us!  Be sure to visit them all and support their efforts in coming to us.  Check out the current list of shops here.



Yardage and Return of Yardage

Fashion Show

Baskets, Vessels and Sculpture

Return to Sender and Return of Return to Sender – Handspun Gallery

Teachers Gallery

Details about each gallery can be found by clicking here.