CNCH 2014 Scholarships Due Nov 1

Posted By JAnderson on October 22, 2013

  • There are five scholarships available, one in each area of CNCH for the 2014 conference in April.  The scholarship is for 12 hour registration to the conference with a value of $320 each.

Scholarships are not need based and are judged anonymously.  Your application will only be compared to others in your area with no names used.  The Advisory Council asks that you try and give back information from classes you take, experiences you had, etc to your guild or to your community.

Applications are due Nov. 1, 2013.  Results will be made by Nov 15.  You should register for the conference with Regonline as soon as possible on or after Nov 1 to insure a place in the classes you want.  If you awarded the scholarship, and registration is confirmed, you will receive a check from CNCH, Inc.

In past years we have not given out scholarships to each area as there has been no applicants from some areas.  Each year at the conferences, fund raisers are held for the scholarships.  It is not need base so anyone can apply.  Are you a new member and never been to a conference?  This is a great way to go.

Forms are available at in two places; on the left hand panel under forms and also under CNCH 2014, Scholarship Form.  Instructions are given on the form of how to submit, where and when.