Towels, Transcending Tradition Weaving Workshop with JoAnn Bachelder

Posted By Web Manager on February 10, 2016

Towels, Transcending Tradition Weaving Workshop with JoAnn Bachelder
Date/time:  all 3 days: March 16, 17 & 18  (Wednesday, Thursday &Friday), 9am-4pm
Location:  Nevada City Veterans Hall, 415 N. Pine St., Nevada City
Cost: $180, there are no materials fees, students provide their own yarn & handouts are included. Each student will bring their own loom, warped based on instructions which will be sent when your fee is received. The draft uses 4 shafts. 
Description: In this workshop the entire process of making a towel from design to finishing is discussed. First, the structures that are traditionally used in weaving cloth for towels need to be understood so we can exploit or use them in a unique way that will make our towel ‘ours’. We will thread our loom with nine traditional structures in a gamp format. This reacquaints us to what they look like and how they act while giving us eighty-one other interlacement choices we could use. We talk about playing with other weaving choices we have such as yarn, denting and color and their influence on what we are doing. Our only problem will be making that choice. Lots of handouts and many samples are shown.