Modesto 2016: There are Still Classes Available!

Posted By Web Manager on March 29, 2016

We are please to announce that a limited number of classes will be available for signup on site.

The Saturday classes (6 hrs):  Cost for preregistered attendees $120

For those who have not preregistered for conference  $125 registration plus $120 = $245

Taming of the Hue – Strategies for Color Neophytes  – Robyn Spady

Understanding the Design Process: Fabric to Wear –  Sarah Jackson, Weaving Editor of Handwoven

The Sunday classes (3 hrs):  For those who are preregistered $60

For those who have not preregistered $125 registration + $60 = $18

The First Cut is the Deepest – Sarah Jackson

Introduction to Fabric Analysis – Robyn Spady

Linen Weaving – Jette Vandermeiden (from Canada)

An Introduction to Supplemental Warp – Deb Essen

Color in Cloth: The Weaves You Want and Why – Cameron Taylor-Brown

A Saturday and a Sunday class could be taken by a preregistered person for $180 and for someone who has not preregistered for $305.

Those who are not members of a CNCH guild will also pay an extra $25 for registration.

Transactions will be cash or check only at the registration table starting at 1:00pm Friday.