Our First Study Group

Posted By Web Manager on November 20, 2017

The response has been so terrific to our idea of setting up inter-guild study groups that we’re going to go ahead and launch our first group! This exciting study proposal comes from the Reno Fiber Guild, thanks to the efforts of Beryl Moody, and it’s based on an incredible weaving manual from the year 1792, which is a free download! I don’t know about you, but I signed right up!!

Up above in the navigation bar, you can access the new Study Group page. Keep an eye on that for group updates and news.

Here’s how you can join this first group:
1. Take a look at both the Study Group Proposal and the Survey, below or on the study group page.
2. Download the manual and see if it interests you (the link is in the Proposal.)
3. email Beryl or CNCH coordinator Joan Near to express your interest
4. Fill out the survey and email that to Beryl

You’ll be invited to join a Yahoo group so we can share our pictures & progress.
And Beryl has some ambitious plans for assembling our results into an e-book.
Plus, you’ll be taking part in the first Inter-Guild Study Group, so you’ll be able to
provide feedback on how we can improve this effort in the future.
This particular study group can accommodate up to 50 weavers, of all levels,
broken into smaller sub-groups for swatch-sharing, so here’s your chance to get in
on the ground floor!

Reno Study Group

Study Group Survey