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Endnote 2/17

I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue.  Color is such a huge subject– books have been written, wars have been waged and large sums of money have changed hands for the purchase of dyes and dyed fabric.  If thinking about dyes has stirred your interest, do some research and write about what you discover.

How do you dye?  What made you want to dye and embellish with colors?  Any historians out there?  Check out Eliza Pinckney.  She was a very smart Southern Belle.  And, according to my sister who lives in South Carolina, her name still is known and is important in the state’s history.

Now that our Guilds are in full swing, what are the projects and programs you are embarking on?

Speaking of Guilds,  I am still requesting Guild histories.  If your guild hasn’t written one yet, now is the time.  It is a good way to see where you came from and how you have grown and changed since that first guild meeting.

This is your publication and it needs input from all of you.  So, send me what you would like to share with everyone.

Looking forward to your submissions,

Judy Fisher, Editor