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The Next Time…

I am continually amazed that, whenever I present a subject that I would like written about for this publication, (in hopes that I’ll inspire four or five articles on the subject) I get articles that go in directions I hadn’t considered and open areas that are interesting and thought provoking.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive articles from stores in Bodega, Point Reyes Station and Healdsburg as well as an article on how the Sacramento Guild manages their sales area at their yearly Open House and the thoughts and methods of many of the BABM members on how they market their wares.

I would still like to have articles from those of you who have experienced selling at arts and crafts shows, at Farmers’ Markets, and on Etsey or other on-line venues.  Tell us what is involved, how you apply and the pros and cons of the venues.  Were these venues a positive or negative experience?  Were they worth the time and money involved?  What do you think would be the ideal market place?

And, for our next issue,  I would like to explore spinning.  What and why do you spin?  What do you do with your hand spun yarn and how do the various fibers that you spin influence your art.  Do you spin with a spindle, a spinning wheel, a charka, a great wheel and why?  What keeps you spinning.  What got you interested in spinning in the first place?

There is always room for other articles and topics, too.  If you have an idea, contact me and I can help you get it published in CNCHnet.

Judy Fisher, Editor