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I Want to Weave Forever!

I love weaving and I want to continue doing it for a long, long time; the AVL E-Lift is my secret weapon.  About ten years ago I had an addition put on my home; a studio for me and my looms.  I decided that a new studio deserved a new loom and that I would get the loom of my dreams to compliment my dream studio. The other thing I knew was that I wasn’t getting any younger and that if I was going to continue to weave the 24- shaft tied weave structures I love, I was going to need some help. as on 24 shafts, these structures can require the weaver to lift 22 of the shafts every fourth pick – heavy lifting indeed!
That’s when I decided that my new AVL loom would include an E-Lift.

It was one of the wisest decisions I ever made. I am still not getting any younger, but I am able to weave the structures I love; weave for hours on end; all without any additional stress on my personal structure.

The heart of the E-Lift is a programmable motor that raises and lowers the shafts in a smooth and precise manner at the touch of a switch.  All that is required is to tap the foot switch to lift the shafts.  Tap, lift the appropriate shafts; tap, lower these shafts and lift the next set; repeat as many times as desired. That’s it, the E-Lift never gets tired, never gets a cramp or a sore muscle; it just goes on and on until you’re ready to call it a day.

Elift in place-Look Ma! no Treadles

Elift in place under the AVL-V Series Loom        Look Ma! no Treadles

The E-Lift is standard equipment on the the AVL V-Series Loom, but the E-Lift can be installed on almost any AVL loom to give you years of effortless weaving.

Comments from some other happy E-lift & V-Series users:

The V-Series with the E-lift is a dream machine ! The E-lift changes shafts effortlessly with a 4 shaft design or a 40 shaft design. The loom is very well balanced and reliable. My 40 shaft V-Series gives me more time to spend designing and allows the flexibility to add borders or bands of different multi-shaft designs or both ! ! The shed has good depth and my tension is perfect using the Dynamic Tension Arm.– Ann Ormison

I have the E-lift on my 24 shaft, A-Series AVL…and love it!!! I’ve been weaving for several years and love all of my AVL looms and accessories. About 8 years ago, I had right hip replacement and decided just before that to add the E-lift to my loom. I just finished weaving off 6 scarves for the Co-Chairs of CNCH and significant helpers on my committee. The scarves took about 2 hours each to weave off. I would never have been able to get that much done without my E-lift!!
– Diane Ayers

After weaving 46 years on several different looms, and increasing the number of shafts with each new loom purchased, I bought a 40 shaft, 30″ wide AVL V series loom with an E-lift. This is my “loom-to-grow-old-with”. The E-lift gives such ease to lifting 20 or more shafts, it takes just a tap of my toe and stays open! There were some adjustments after first purchasing the loom, and now it works like a dream. (Thank you AVL for all your help). At first I was a bit apprehensive about threading with so many shafts, but actually it is very easy as there is so much room from front to back. The shafts are secured at each end with long metal rods which are easy to remove for moving heddles. While threading I often jump around from one of the first 10 shafts, to shafts more than half way back and beyond. I seldom make any mistakes. It is a sturdy, well made, mostly wood loom which will last.
It is not only beautifully crafted, looks good and it performs well and gives me a wealth of opportunity to indulge in new and old areas of weaving. For me weaving is a means to see the fruition of ideas and ways of doing them and making beautiful and visually arresting cloth. This loom and it’s attributes, especially its ease of use, and the opportunity to use many shafts thanks to the e lift, are the next step in my weaving adventure to more challenging and exciting weaving.
– Gina Hafmeister

So Easy--a child can do it!

So Easy–a child can do it!

Ryan demonstrating at Sacramento

Ryan demonstrating at Sacramento

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