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Endnote 5/17

You may have noticed while reading this issue of CNCHnet that there were several references to the “stash” (ie. all the yarn and goodies that we have collected over the years) and what we should do with it as we get older and slower and don’t have the energy to use it all.

There are the leftover cones of beautiful yarn—not enough for a warp or even a weft- that are too nice to toss – and then there are the dogs. The god-awful oranges and sickly greens that were popular at one time but don’t make the cut for today’s colors.

How about the scratchy wools and heavy linens or sleazy, chemically concocted yarns that will not make the cut for anything that you make now? What to do— what to do!!

I’ll bet that you have ways of using up the dross and we would like to hear from you.

The August issue would like to be the go-to issue for ‘what to do with the yarns that are no longer calling to you’ and it goes hand in hand with making clever things that that make nice holiday and hostess gifts for, yes, the coming holidays.

I’m sure you have a cool handmade something that works for you and you are willing to share.

In the meantime, enjoy the Summer.

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Judy Fisher, Editor