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Fun with Ribbon

The end of another year is a time to reflect on where we have been and what we have done in the past.  A trip down Memory Lane is easy for weavers because we can access the Special Sample Service binders originally compiled by Helen Pope.  The following are samples.

The holidays are a time for ribbon–to beautify wrapped packages and to hang and make decorations.  I present to you some other uses.  The following pictures are from the Sample Service Binder 2000.

woven by Susie Hodges

Susie Hodges wove the insert for this Christmas card using a technique called tri-axial weaving. This structure has two warps and one weft.  To find directions, you can borrow the 2000 binder, or google triaxial weave, or see if your Guild library has Shereen LaPlantz’s book, THE MAD WEAVE.

woven by Carolyn Jones

Another use for ribbon is found in another sample, also from Sample Service Binder 2000. Ribbon has been used for part of the weft in Carolyn Jones’ passementerie.  Carolyn’s sample is really quite simple yet has a big impact.

This fancy trim could be used to embellish shawls, pillows, lamp shades or trees skirts.  Using this technique, you could weave complimentary trim for your handwovens.  The best part is that what you make will be completely unique.

To borrow Special Sample Service binders, contact Carol Graves at imweaving(at)

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