Intertwined, the Art of Handspun Yarn

This workshop will focus on creative thinking in handspinning. Unorthodox carding, spinning and plying techniques from the book Intertwined will be covered.

Experience: Must be able to spin a continuous yarn.

Materials fee: $15

Lexi Boeger is an artist, spinner and author of two books on creative non-traditional handspinning techniques. The focus of her lectures and workshops are to open spinners up to the endless possibilities for creativity in spinning. To break through hard-held ideas of what you “can and can’t do” and replace them with the attitude of “what can’t I do?” Through an exploration of unusual fibers and materials, unorthodox blending and carding techniques, creative use of color and a host of non-traditional spinning techniques the students will learn how to trust in their own creativity by expanding and pushing the boundaries of their own spinning skills and knowledge.