The 2012 Oakland conference brings you 39 classes to choose from. We’ve got 16 teachers  offering classes in all our favorite fiber disciplines and across all skill levels.

Classes are either 3 hours or 6 hours long. Full conference registration includes 9 hours of  instruction.  And there is an option to purchase an additional 3 hours of class time if you wish.

You can review our catalog of classes a number of ways.  Pick one of the starting points below, whatever you prefer, and start dreaming. 

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For an overview of the classes and teachers and their time slots, view  the Class Schedule.

Start here for classes that are mostly about weaving.
Start here for classes that are mostly about spinning.
Start here for classes that are mostly about basketmaking.
And start here for classes that are about everything else.
To learn more about our instructors, check out the Teachers page.