Secrets of Shadow Weave


Linda Hartshorn

12 hour workshop: Friday 1-4, Saturday 9-12, Saturday 1-4, Sunday 9-12


Alternate colors in the warp and weft to create fascinating designs! Warp your loom for a pattern on 4, 6 or 8 shafts. Learn about color and weave effects, color combinations and how to read and write shadow weave drafts. Create samples in a round robin and weave off the rest at home to make a scarf or runner.




PREREQUSITE: Must know how to warp a loom and read a weaving draft.

Materials Fee: $10 for workshop notebook

Students to Bring: Pre-warped portable floor loom or table loom, 4-8 shafts, in good working order. Two boat shuttles with bobbins, scissors, tape measure, weft yarn.

Note taking and drafting materials (pen, pencil, paper, colored pencils).